Admissions rules - how places are offered in East Sussex schools

1. School admissions - how decisions are made

There is no right to choose a child’s school but you do have the right to state a preference for up to three different schools.

In general, if a school has enough places for everyone who has applied, then all children will be allocated a place.

We will not overcrowd a school if there are vacancies at other schools and we will not create additional places unless there is a shortage of school places to meet a local need.

If a school receives more applications than places available, the school will apply their admissions policy to decide which children will be offered places. If it is not possible to meet any of your preferences, your child will be allocated a place at the nearest school to your home with a place available. This may be some distance away.

It is therefore essential that you take a look at the admission criteria for the schools you prefer as it will help you assess how likely it is that your child will get a place. You can find the local authority’s admissions criteria on page 7 of this guide. For own admission authority schools you will find each school’s admissions criteria on their webpage or you can contact the school and ask for a copy.

You can find out why it’s important to list different schools on your application and how school places are allocated in the ‘Apply for a school’ booklet. See ‘Understand the admissions process on page 8’ of part 1.

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