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Admissions rules - how places are offered in East Sussex schools


If you want your child to attend the same school as their sibling, you must name that school as one of your preferences.

When you apply, you must tell us about any brothers or sisters who will be still be attending the school at the point this child is due to start and give us their full name and date of birth. If you fail to do this, your application will only be considered on the basis of the other information you provide. Please bear in mind a sibling connection does not guarantee a place.

For local authority controlled schools the Council considers children to be ‘siblings’ if they are full, half, adoptive or foster brother or sister living in the same household and includes siblings attending sixth forms.

Other schools may have a different definition.

Out of area siblings

Since September 2017, the council’s admissions criteria gives priority to children living in a community area above siblings who live outside of the area served by the school. You can still apply for and get schools outside of your community area. However, there is no guarantee that younger children in your family will be able to follow their brother or sister. You will therefore need to consider the possibility that your children may end up at different schools if you send your child to a non-local school.

Please make sure you have read and understand the admissions criteria for your preferred schools before applying.

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