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Contacting the Single Point of Advice (SPoA)

Before you contact SPoA

Discuss your concerns about a young person with the safeguarding lead in your organisation. Assess the level of need by reading and using the Continuum of Need

The SPoA advises:

  • practitioners with concerns reaching Level 3 or 4 (targeted and child protection services)
  • when a practitioner and safeguarding lead manager assess that the child is at immediate risk of significant harm. Phone SPoA immediately and say your concern is about immediate risk
  • when the safeguarding lead is not available
  • practitioners with concerns about a child with emotional, wellbeing or mental health issues. SPoA is now the contact point for referrals to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

What SPoA will ask you

  • have you checked SingleView to see if an East Sussex County Council service is already supporting the child? If so, have you spoken to that service?
  • who else you have spoken to?
  • details of child and family
  • a summary of your concerns
  • have you referred to the Continuum of Need?
  • Do you need to report a child protection concern? (forms below)

Reporting a child protection concern using a form

You can report a child protection on the Children's Portal:

Contacting the SPoA

Telephone: 01323 464 222 Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Out of hours, with serious concerns that cannot wait until the next working day, contact our Emergency Duty Service.

Telephone: 01273 335 906 or 01273 335 905 Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8.30am and Friday's, weekend's and bank holiday's after 4.30pm to 8.30am
Email: 0–19SPOA@eastsussex.gov.uk (contact form)

Do not use GCSx email – it is no longer in use.

The Council doesn’t normally offer advice about Level 1 and 2 needs – instead see Organisations that help families

SingleView access

SingleView gives partners an overview of Children’s Services involvements, case status and relationships.

For SingleView information and applications see SingleView.