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Children and Young People's Trust (CYPT)

Annual report 2021

The annual report is a summary of webinars for partners in the Children and Young People’s Trust. The aims of the webinars were to:

  • enable networking
  • discuss new and developing partnership projects
  • discuss workforce confidence in a ‘whole family’ approach to supporting children

The following is a summary of key messages and actions:

Improving communication between partners in the CYPT


Explore a more permanent online space for partners to shape and develop new projects, so they can:

  • connect with relevant projects
  • ask for contributions for their own projects
  • highlight other opportunities

Equality and Youth Voice – the CYPT will promote equality data monitoring


  • Share research about the needs of different groups of people
  • Share resources on personal safety and tackling harassment
  • Encourage partners to collect equality monitoring data about their staff
  • Signpost and share training opportunities in key areas:
  1. Gender reassignment and trans inclusion
  2. Disability
  3. Race

Share resources to develop the workforce

Actions: The CYPT will share learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Online safety
  • Sexual abuse and harmful sexual behaviour

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