Age restricted products and volunteer purchasers

Volunteers aged 14 to 16½ are needed to help our Trading Standards service check that businesses aren’t selling age-restricted goods to underage customers.

If you’d like to volunteer, please send us your contact details.

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What does a volunteer purchaser do?

As a volunteer you will make test purchases of age-restricted goods (such as cigarettes, knives and alcohol) from shops. Some of the exercises take place during the evenings, but at all times you will be accompanied by a Trading Standards Officer.

No fees are paid, but we can provide a certificate of achievement to include in your school record.

Who can apply to be a volunteer purchaser?

To apply you must be aged 14 to 16½. You must look your age to ensure that there is no possibility that you could be thought to be over 16 years old.

You will need the permission from your parent or carer.

Information for parents and carers

Involvement is covered by rigorous guidelines endorsed by the Home Office, to ensure your child’s safety and well being.

It will be necessary to take some digital photographs of your child at the outset of the operation. If it is likely that the matter will go to Court then a witness statement to confirm your child’s date of birth will also be required. We will endeavour to ensure that your child will not be required to attend Court as a witness, however in exceptional circumstance this may still occur.