County Council elections

County Council elections are held every four years. The next election will be held in 2021.

County Council elections - 4 May 2017

The County Council election was held on Thursday 4 May 2017. Information on the associated dates is contained in the Election Timetable. Following boundary changes in 2016, 50 Councillors were elected. The County Council now has:

  • Conservative – 30 (21)
  • Liberal Democrats – 11 (10)
  • Labour – 4 (7)
  • Independent – 3 (3)
  • Independent Democrats – 2 (2)
  • UKIP – 0 (6)

(pre-election number of seats in brackets)


Result – Eastbourne

Result – Hastings

Result – Lewes

Result – Rother

Result – Wealden

The raw data is available as a spreadsheet of results.

Notice of Poll:

Notice of Poll – Eastbourne

Notice of Poll – Hastings

Notice of Poll – Lewes

Notice of Poll – Rother

Notice of Poll – Wealden

Notice of Appointment of Election Agents:

Appointment of Election Agents – Eastbourne

Appointment of Election Agents – Hastings

Appointment of Election Agents – Lewes

Appointment of Election Agents – Rother

Appointment of Election Agents – Wealden

Statement of Persons Nominated:

Persons Nominated – Eastbourne

Persons Nominated – Hastings

Persons Nominated – Lewes

Persons Nominated – Rother

Persons Nominated – Wealden

Notice of Election:

Notice of Election – Eastbourne
Notice of Election – Hastings
Notice of Election – Lewes
Notice of Election – Rother
Notice of Election – Wealden

Pre-election period guidance

Guidance for elected Members and local authority staff on the pre-election period, sometimes referred to as ‘purdah’:

East Sussex Pre-election period – guidance for elected members and local authority staff

County Council elections – 2 May 2013

You can view the results of the 2013 elections here.

The Returning Officer for the County Council elections in May 2013 was Becky Shaw, Chief Executive of the County Council.

Find out more about:

A total of 49 councillors were elected. Figures in brackets show how many seats were held by each party before the election.

  • Conservative – 20 (29)
  • Liberal Democrats – 10 (13)
  • Labour – 7 (4)
  • UKIP – 7 (0)
  • Independent – 3 (2)
  • Independent Democrats – 2 (0)

Electoral boundaries

The number of voters represented by each county councillor should be roughly the same in every electoral division.

Because resident numbers change, electoral arrangements are regularly reviewed by The Boundary Committee for England to make sure voters are fairly represented.

East Sussex County Council, Local Government Act 2000 The Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions) (England) Regulations 2011

We are required by law to publish how many signatures of registered voters are required on a petition, which would require the council to hold a referendum on changing its model of governance. This figure is known as the verification number.