Data Protection – information for children and young people

East Sussex County Council holds personal information about children and young people. This information is shared with other organisations and protected under the Data Protection Act.

How do we use your information?

We keep information about you so that we can:

  • arrange the right services for you
  • plan and improve our services
  • look into any concerns you may have about our services
  • keep in touch with you.

We also give your information to other government organisations so they can monitor how we are doing and plan services for children across the UK.

What information do we hold about you?

The information we hold about you will depend on the services we provide you. In all cases, we hold your name and address. We might also hold your date of birth, gender, ethnic origin and where you go to school and your unique pupil number.

Depending on the services we provide you, we might also hold other information about you such as:

  • Information about any medical condition you may have.
  • Details about the services you receive from us and any assessments you have had, and
  • Information we get about you from other organisations, including reports from doctors and other health-care professionals, which we need to help us assess how best to provide services for you.

How do we keep your information safe?

We keep information about you in a paper file and on a computer, sometimes both. There are strict controls about who can see your records. Nobody is allowed to see your information unless it will help them provide a service you need.

People working for East Sussex County Council must have security checks before they are allowed to handle your information. We always remove personal details such as names and addresses when we publish any information for monitoring or planning reasons.

The East Sussex Children Index

The Children Index is an online system which holds information about children who live in East Sussex, or receive services in the county. The Index helps people working with you to identify you quickly and find out who else is working with you.

Only people who need to know information about children and young people, such as headteachers, SENCOs, health visitors, social workers and therapists, have access to the system.

The Children Index holds your basic contact details, such as name, address, gender and date of birth. It also holds the contact details for services working with you, such as your GP, school and health visitor.

This information can be seen by people providing you services. It is not possible for young people or parents and carers to withhold permission for this information to be made available to appropriate people. If you want to know more about the Children Index, please contact the Index Support Team:

Who sees your information?

People who see your information include the following:

  • Social Workers
  • People who provide you with a service, eg providers of care services
  • Staff who arrange to pay for the services you get
  • Staff who produce reports to monitor and plan the services
  • Staff in the health service who provide you with medical services
  • Government organisations for national evaluation.

All these people will only see the information they need to do their work and our staff have been given training on how to handle your information safely and confidentially. We may also need your information to help train social workers and other staff and to do research to help us improve our services. Normally, we will remove details that identify you, such as your name and address before allowing researchers to see your information.

Who do we share your information with?

Organisations we may share your information with include the following:

  • The Department for Education
  • Ofsted
  • The Department of Health
  • Your school
  • Your doctor
  • The NHS

We only pass on information about you to other people if they have a real need for it and we always do it in line with the law. We may sometimes need to share your information with other organisations in order to arrange the right service for you.

We may also sometimes need to share it to plan and improve our services and to look into any concerns you may have about the services you get. We may also sometimes need to share your information with other government organisations so that they can monitor how we are doing and plan national services.

Sometimes by law we have to pass on your information to other organisations.

We may also share your information if it is needed as part of a criminal investigation, or when we need to protect you or other people from harm.

We may also sometimes share information that is required for research purposes, to improve services or to inform government policy decisions. The provision of information for these purposes will not be used to make decisions about the support and services you receive as an individual and it will not be possible to identify you from any published report.

Schools – privacy notices for school pupils

In line with the Data Protection Act, your school must send you a privacy notice outlining how they use and share personal information. They also share your information with East Sussex County Council.

Improving health care

Sometimes we share your information with the NHS who might use it for research and to monitor how well they are doing. This information is used in such a way that you cannot be identified from it.

If you want to know more, please see the NHS in East Sussex website.

Asking to see your information

Normally, you can ask the people who provide services to let you see the information they keep about you.

You can also ask to see your information using your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. This is known as a Subject Access Request.

If you are 12 or older, you can make a Subject Access Request yourself, but if you are under 12 your parent or carer must do this for you.

For more details on how you can ask to see your information, please see our pages on data protection.

Help us keep your information accurate

We want the information we keep about you to be correct and up to date. Please tell us if your address or other information we have about you is not right. We will check your information and correct it if we find that it is wrong.

If you don’t agree with some of the information we hold about you, we will add your comments to your information so that people seeing it know about your views.

How to complain if you are not satisfied with our service

We want to provide high quality services for everyone. But, if you think things haven’t gone well, we need to know if we can put them right and learn from our mistakes. If you are not happy about any part of our service, you can complain to the person who deals with your case or their manager. See How we deal with complaints.

Young Voices – YouTube video

Watch our video for young people about making a complaint: Young Voices – YouTube.

If your complaint relates to Data Protection Act 1998, you can also send it to the Information Commissioner at:

The Information Commissioner

Wycliffe House


Cheshire SK9 5AF

Phone: 0303 123 1113

If you want to know more about how we use your information, please email the Planning and Performance Management Team.