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Council tax frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where can I find out about my council tax payments?

All enquiries about council tax payments should be made to your local district or borough council. Links to their websites and other information about Council Tax can be found at: https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/yourcouncil/finance/counciltax/

The following the link to the government website Gov.uk, shows you how to work out your own Council Tax https://www.gov.uk/council-tax 

Why has the County Council increased my council tax?

Given the funding pressures East Sussex County Council is facing, after careful consideration, the County Council has decided to increase its element of council tax in 2024/25 by 2.99% in order to protect the County Council's ability to provide its services now and in the future. These increases are shown on your council tax bill.

What is the Adult Social Care Precept?

A growing pressure for county councils with responsibilities for adult social care is the increase in demand that the ageing population brings. In order to ensure that the responsible councils are able to respond to this rising demand the Government has allowed those authorities with adult social care responsibilities to increase council tax by up to an additional 2% in 2024/25.

The additional funds raised by the Adult Social Care Precept are ring-fenced to be spent only on adult social care, for example supporting people in care homes or to continue to live independently in their own homes.

The information presented on my bill is confusing?

The information contained in the 2024/25 council tax bill is required to be presented in a certain way by The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 set out by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

Why is my bill different to the County Council increase?

The County Council increase relates to the East Sussex County Council element of the council tax charge. In addition to this on your council tax bill, there will be charges for your borough or district council, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Fire Authority and, where applicable, your town and parish council.

Why do I have to pay for services I don’t use?

The council tax is not a charge for services, it is a tax. The tax system is centrally prescribed by Government and local authorities have no power to change the way it operates. The only body that can make changes is the Government. As such, the current system will remain in place until the Government decides changes are necessary.

Why is my bill showing 4.99% general increase but if I calculate it, it is more than 4.99%?

The 4.99% is an increase on the total amount from last year for general expenditure plus Adult Social Care (ASC) precept. The table below shows if you add the two ESCC elements from your 2024/25 bill and compare it to the total ESCC elements from 2023/24, the increase is 4.99%.

General percentage increase

Table 1 - 2023-2024
Band General expenditure  ASC precept Total
A 980.76 148.44 1,129.20
B 1,144.22 173.18 1,317.40
C 1,307.68 197.92 1,505.60
D 1,471.14 222.66 1,693.80
E 1,798.06 272.14 2,070.20
F 2,124.98 321.62 2,446.60
G 2451.90 371.10 2,823.00
H 2,942.28 445.32 3,387.60
Table 2 - 2024-2025
Band General expenditure ASC precept Total
A 1,014.54 171.00 1,185.54
B 1,183.63 199.50 1,383.13
C 1,352.72 228.00 1,580.72
D 1,521.81 256.50 1,778.31
E 1,859.99 313.50 2,173.49
F 2,198.17 370.50 2,568.67
G 2,536.35 427.50 2,963.85
H 3043.62 513.00 3,556.62
Table 3 - 2023-2024 4.99% increase
Band Actual percentage increase 2024-25
A 56.34
B 65.73
C 75.12
D 84.51
E 103.29
F 122.07
G 140.85
H 169.02

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