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Asking questions at Council meetings

Anyone living or working in East Sussex can ask questions at Full Council meetings.

Submitting questions

To give councillors time to prepare a full response, questions must be submitted in writing at least five clear working days before the meeting. This means that questions for a Council meeting on a Tuesday must be received no later than the Monday of the week before.

Questions must relate to matters that the Council has legal authority to influence and cannot relate to individuals or be of a personal nature.

How questions are answered

Questions will be answered in writing by Cabinet members or the Chairman. These written answers will be circulated in the council chamber before the start of the meeting. This gives questioners time to consider the answer before the relevant agenda item is reached.

At the appropriate time, the Chairman will ask the questioner whether the answer that they have received is clear. If you need clarification on any points this is your chance to ask, although you cannot use this as an opportunity to ask a new question.

Send your questions to

The Assistant Chief Executive
County Hall
St Anne’s Crescent
Lewes BN7 1UE

Or email Democratic Services.
Please include your name and address.