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How we plan our policies and priorities

To work effectively, East Sussex County Council needs a clear understanding of its future priorities and finances. We constantly analyse our business to make sure that we are focused on our key priorities and objectives with the resources we have.

How we plan for the future

Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources (RPPR)

We use a process called Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources (RPPR) to develop our plans and budgets together. It is our main tool to help the Council identify key policy priorities. The Council Plan summarises the agreed budget.

Identifying key priorities

All priorities are set in line with our 4 priority outcomes, and our operating principles.

Priority outcomes

  • driving sustainable economic growth
  • keeping vulnerable people safe
  • helping people help themselves
  • making best use of resources now and for the future

The Council Plan

The Council Plan is our most important business planning tool. It sets out our priorities for the next 3 years with clear targets for achievement. We publish it by 1 April each year and it’s monitored quarterly:

How our priorities are reflected in the budget

As part of the RPPR process, we develop a medium-term financial plan published in the Financial Budget Summary. We must make sure we have the money to meet our key priorities and objectives. To work out what money we need and what we have, we take the following information into account:

  • the amount of money we would need to provide services in the future in exactly the same way as now
  • the cost of any new services that we must provide during the next financial year
  • other financial risks and pressures (as a result of increased demand for services or an increased cost in delivering services)
  • anticipated levels of money available to us to provide services

We then prepare our budget and allocate money to individual services, so that the plan and budget can be agreed before the financial year starts on 1 April.

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