SHIFT – Sexual Health in the over 45s

In the over 45s, the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases (STIs) is greatest in those entering new sexual relationships after a period of monogamy. For women, this is often post-menopause when pregnancy is no longer an issue but little thought is given to STIs.

We are working with partners on a project to encourage people aged 45 and over to pay more attention to their sexual health and wellbeing, and encourage a greater uptake of the services available. The aim is to encourage this age group to talk about sex and to try and halt the rise in sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual Health in the Over 45s (SHIFT) will target groups at greater risk of being unaware of their sexual health and the services available, including homeless people, sex workers, migrants and people whose first language isn’t English.

It will also include training programmes for sexual health and other health professionals to improve awareness and confidence in addressing the subject with these groups.

SHIFT is funded by the EU’s Interreg 2Seas programme, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which involves 11 organisations from the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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