Making a contingency plan

A contingency plan states what will happen if a personal assistant is unable to carry out the role for any reason. This includes all planned and unplanned situations including holidays, sickness, emergencies, transport problems, bad weather, and any other leave.

It is important to agree contingency plans before your sign a contract with the client.

If you are concerned that contingency plans are not adequate, please contact the client’s Adult Social Care worker (if they have one) for advice. 

Help to set up a contingency plan

Clients of Adult Social Care who receive direct payments will receive support to set up a care contingency plan.

Self-employed personal assistants must ensure that contingency plans are in place.

Personal assistants who are members of Support with Confidence (SWC) can also get advice from the SWC team. The scheme has a contingency plan template and Service Contingency Policy which explains what to consider.

What happens if nobody can cover?

If contingency plans fail and the client will be left without essential support, such as personal care / medication administration, the personal assistant should phone Health and Social Care Connect on 0345 60 80 191. However, this should be considered as a last resort.

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