Guide to direct payments

3. Help with direct payments

Choosing direct payments can mean a little extra work for you in arranging your own support. Some people find this easy and others can find it a bit harder.

We use an organisation called Independent Lives which offers free support with employing your own staff.

This includes:

  • understanding the rules that employers must follow, such as employment law, insurance, tax and national insurance
  • writing job descriptions
  • recruiting staff
  • performing checks on possible personal assistants
  • ongoing support with being an employer

People Plus and Independent Lives also offer services you can choose to buy. They both offer a payroll service which calculates how much you need to pay your personal assistants each month and what you must pay in tax.

When clients choose to employ their own staff, we always include an amount to cover payroll costs as almost everyone wants some help with this.

Contact details

Find out more about direct payment support services providing Managed Account and Payroll including what they offer and how much this costs:

People Plus

Phone: 0330 123 2815


Website: PeoplePlus

Independent Lives

Phone: 01903 219 482 (option 3)


Website: Independent Lives

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