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Every Mind Matters encourages adults and young people to be more aware of their mental health and offers simple steps to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

If you haven’t already, why not get Your Mind Plan by completing the free NHS-approved Every Mind Matters quiz?  Your free and personalised plan will give you tailored tips to help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and boost your mood to feel more in control. The plan suggests a list of simple actions, practical self-care tips and guidance and explanations of when to seek further support. 

Other tips to improve your mental wellbeing that you can try include:

Connecting with others

Spending quality time with friends or family, talking to someone about how we are feeling or finding ways to help others can make us feel better. This can be in person, online or over the phone. 

Get involved in volunteering or your local good neighbour scheme.

Living a healthy life

Our mental health goes hand-in-hand with our physical health. Being active, enjoying the outdoors and having a balanced diet can all help to boost our mood. Also, binning bad habits like smoking, and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine can have a positive effect too. 

Check out resources to be active at home or in your local community and how to get support to make simple changes towards a longer and happier life with One You East Sussex.

Doing something for yourself

It’s important to find the time to do enjoyable activities for ourselves. This might be your favourite hobby, learning something new or simply taking time to relax. Figuring out what hobbies or activities make us happy can help boost our mood, lower stress, and build confidence. 

Getting support

It is important to talk about your worries, with family, friends or NHS-recommended helplines.

If you have any money worries – get in touch with your local Citizens Advice or call the welfare benefits helpline.

Health in Mind is a free NHS service for anyone in East Sussex experiencing a low point in their life, for example symptoms such as stress, anxiety and depression.

People who need urgent support with their mental health, but it's not an emergency, can get help from NHS 111 online or call 111 and select option 2. This is known locally as the Sussex Mental Healthline.  It's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People with hearing problems can use the NHS 111 British Sign Language (BSL) service.

There are many other mental health support services listed in our mental health directory.

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