Height restrictions

All our recycling sites have height restriction barriers of 2 metres (6 feet, 6 inches). The barrier will only be opened for taller vehicles on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at all sites, so long as they meet the other site requirements.

The only exception is for Blue Badge holders with taller vehicles who are permitted entrance on any day at any site (except Eastbourne), provided they meet the other site requirements (see Vehicle restrictions section above) and are able to show their Blue Badge.

Why are there height barriers at the household waste recycling sites?

These measures are in place as part of our efforts to help prevent commercial waste from businesses entering the sites. This is often (although not always) brought to the sites in oversized vehicles such as vans. The household waste recycling sites are paid for by the Council Tax payer to dispose of waste from residents own homes. Businesses do not contribute to the household waste recycling sites through their business rates. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous traders try to access the sites to tip their business waste for free at the expense of the Council Tax payer. The sites are also not licensed to accept commercial waste.

The height barriers set at 2m (6 foot 6 inches) high prevent the majority of commercial vans from entering the sites. This height however, does not preclude the majority of domestic type vehicles (including most 4x4s).

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