Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets)


There are some temporary changes to parking and permits during the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak. See Temporary changes to parking for more information.

Challenge a PCN

To challenge a PCN you should contact us in writing within 14 days of issue.

If you pay the PCN the case will be closed and any challenge against it will not be considered.

When a challenge is received the PCN will be put on hold, the amount due will not increase until we have reached a decision and written back to you. You can challenge a PCN in the following ways:


Please allow 24 hours after receiving your PCN before making a challenge. Make sure you enter the details correctly, particularly numerical 0’s and alphabetical o’s.


Email your challenge to us.

Make sure you include the PCN number and your vehicle registration.


Send your challenge to Parking Team, Eastbourne Library, Grove Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4TL. Make sure you include the PCN number, your vehicle registration and an address for us to send the reply to.

What to include

To make a challenge you will need the PCN number and your vehicle registration.

You should explain your reasons for challenging clearly and simply and include copies of any evidence to support your claim, such as receipts or witness statements.

Cancellation guide

In the interests of transparency we publish our cancellation guide which is used when considering challenges and appeals against PCNs.

How we deal with challenges

The challenge and appeal process is set by legislation and should not be confused with the Council’s complaint procedures. More information on both is available at:

PATROL – legislation (Parking And Traffic Regulations Outside London) and PATROL – Parking penalty enforcement process

ESCC complaints and compliments

Legislation requires that all challenges against PCNs are considered by Council officers fully trained in the legal and statutory requirements. Your challenge will be investigated and considered by a member of the Parking Notice Processing Team who will respond to you with our decision.

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