Local Transport Plan 4

Local Transport Plans are statutory documents. They establish and communicate the transport policies and priorities for the County, including objectives, policies, and plans for transport improvements. The Local Transport Plan also includes an Implementation Plan (how the Local Transport Plan will be delivered).

Local Transport Plans must be compliant with Department for Transport guidance.

Why are we reviewing our Local Transport Plan?

New guidance is due to be published, requiring all Local Transport Authorities to update their Local Transport Plans and demonstrate alignment and contribution to net zero carbon - tailpipe and embodied emissions (through construction).

The fourth East Sussex Local Transport Plan will replace the third Local Transport Plan and will run from 2023 - 2050.

This will set out how we plan to improve transport, deliver better access to jobs and services, including education, and create safer, healthier, more sustainable and inclusive communities.

The new Local Transport Plan will emphasise:

  • Inclusive engagement and decision-making
  • Balancing the needs of rural and urban residents
  • Net zero carbon
  • Health and wellbeing and social inclusion
  • Opportunities for sustainable economic growth
  • Safety