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Bus Service Improvement Plan for East Sussex County Council

Funded by the Department of Transport.


This page covers the East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) that was submitted to the Department of Transport at the end of October 2021.

We have been awarded £41.4m of funding of our £100m+ request for funding.   The original BSIP bid document is at the link below.  Not being awarded the full bid and sharp rises in costs since 2021 inevitably mean changes to some improvements. 

An overview of the changes to bus services we will deliver through our BSIP can be found here.

Details of each of the bus priority schemes that will be consulted on for proposed delivery can be found here.

Our mission as a local transport authority and as bus operators, is to ensure that East Sussex residents and visitors enjoy the highest possible quality bus services that provide:

  • a frequent and comprehensive choice
  • reduce congestion
  • make a positive contribution to better air quality and decarbonisation.

Bus Service Improvement Plan for East Sussex County Council [27.3 MB] [pdf]

This East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) sets out our plans and supporting policies to improve bus services, working in close cooperation with our neighbouring Local Transport Authorities and with stakeholders representing local bus operators, statutory consultees, community and business voices, bus passengers, and the voluntary and health transport sectors:

To reverse the recent shift in journeys away from public transport and encourage passengers back to using buses, the National Bus Strategy for England sets out an ambitious vision to dramatically improve bus services in England outside London through greater local leadership.

Our BSIP actively addresses the National Bus Strategy's requirements to work together at pace to plan and deliver:

  • a fully integrated service with simple, multi-modal tickets
  • more bus priority measures
  • high-quality information for all passengers in more places
  • better turn-up-and-go frequencies that keep running into the evenings and at weekends.