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Guidance for verifiers sending 3i-D paper applications

This page is for schools, colleges and libraries in the 3i-D Citizencard scheme who are dealing with paper applications.

  • Applicants for the scheme must be the correct age as indicated on the form.
  • To verify an application proof of age must be seen and copied if making an application at a library. 
  • Schools and colleges can verify an application based on their records and knowledge of the person applying. Copy of ID is not required.

Guidance and forms for verifying paper application forms.

Please download a copy of the guidance and the Card Batch Confirmation Form (CBCF) here:

These may change from time to time but must be followed, applications can be rejected if they are not followed correctly.

Contact us about joining as a verifier

If you are a school/college who are not in the scheme but need to contact us about joining the scheme please email us Transport Hub.