How will your information be used?

Information will be processed for the purpose of protecting public health and effectively responding to the current public health emergency.

Whilst we may already hold data about you, you may have provided this information for a specific reason and normally we would seek to inform you that the data provided would be used for a different reason. Due to the rapidly emerging situation regarding the current pandemic, however, this will not always be possible.

Additionally, at this time we may ask you for more information, where it is necessary to ensure your safety and wellbeing. We will, however, ensure that this is limited to what is proportionate and necessary to manage the spread of the virus and safeguard those most vulnerable.

The purposes for which your information may be used include:

  • sharing information with health services in order to look after individual’s health and care needs
  • sharing information with organisations engaged in disease surveillance for the purposes of protecting public health, providing healthcare services to the public and monitoring and managing the outbreak
  • processing information provided by other organisations for the purposes of delivering social care services to the public
  • processing information for the purposes of protecting the Council’s workforce