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Transport development control – forms and guidance


Please note: we know the files below might not be suitable for users of assistive technology. 

If you use a screen reader or other assistive technology, please contact Transport and Development Control and we will try to help.

Transport assessments, transport statements and transport reports [99.5 KB] [pdf]
Guidance on carrying out reviews of the possible impact of transport, when new developments are planned.

Guidance on travel plans for new development [580.5 KB] [pdf]
Our guidance on Travel Plans for new development. Containing information on how we expect Travel Plans to be secured as part of the planning process and the way we monitor and enforce them.

Local design guide for residential development [97.0 KB] [pdf]
Information for developers about our basic standards for construction requirements, when residential streets are designed.

Highway construction specification for developers [529.4 KB] [pdf]
All new road and highway works must comply with the specifications set out in this document.

Design standards for industrial roads [294.0 KB] [pdf]
Sets out our design standards for industrial estate roads in East Sussex.

Acceptance form – highway construction specification for developers – email [100.7 KB] [docx]
As part of our technical approval process, all developers must complete and return this form.

Traffic signal design and installation standards [868.1 KB] [pdf]
Guidance on ensuring traffic signals for vehicle and pedestrians in East Sussex meet both local and national standards.

 Guidance for parking at new residential development [377.2 KB] [pdf]

 Car parking demand calculator [4.6 MB] [xls]

 Map of East Sussex wards [1.1 MB] [pdf]

 Guidance for parking at non-residential development [671.1 KB] [pdf] 

ESCC Standard drawings  [5.1 MB] [pdf]

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