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Waivers - Battle and Rother district

Waivers allow vehicles to park on yellow lines where there is no alternative or when loading and unloading is likely to exceed the normal maximum period of 20 minutes.

Who can apply for a waiver?

Any person with a specific need for their vehicle to be parked on yellow lines at the location they are working. They will not be issued for convenience.

In most cases once any equipment needed from the vehicle has been unloaded the vehicle can be moved and parked in an appropriate parking bay.

With each application you will need to submit evidence to confirm that you have a need to park at the location. We will accept a works order, job sheet or estimate.

Waivers will be issued at our discretion where it is safe to do so in the location required.

Where can I park with a waiver?

Waivers can be used to park on yellow lines.

This type of waiver is not available in Rye, please see Tradespeople and contractors permits - Rye for information about the alternative permit available.

How much do they cost?

The charge is £6 per six metres, per day. Waivers are non-refundable although dates and times can be changed.

Payment can be made online when your application is approved. Or once you have received confirmation that your application has been approved you can pay at one of these libraries:

Battle Library
Bexhill Library
Eastbourne Library
Hastings Library
Lewes Library
Rye Library

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