Stage 1 - Prioritisation

All requests are considered and assessed against our priority ranking system. The scoring system considers a number of factors, these include:

  • safety
  • access
  • congestion and traffic flow
  • crash history
  • the class of road
  • local conditions such as nearby shops, schools, or hospitals
  • demand from local residents and businesses
  • the nature of the issue and when it occurs

For new permit schemes to be viable they would need to be looked at across a wider area and not a road in isolation. We would also expect there to be demand for a permit scheme from at least 40% of the residents in the area.

Support for this type of request can be shown by asking other residents to complete the online form or a letter with multiple signatures can be collated and either sent to us or given to your local councillor. This letter would need to include the name and full address of each resident signing it.

Once all of the locations on our log have been assessed and prioritised the list of requests being taken forward is complete. You can see the results of the prioritisation in our current reviews, this information is usually available three months after the start date of the review.

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