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Vehicles causing an obstruction

Vehicles blocking pedestrian access or driveways

Penalty Charge Notices can be issued to vehicles that are parked across a dropped kerb, preventing access for pedestrians or to a driveway.

Residents (except in Wealden District) can report vehicles to our parking contractor, NSL who will send out a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO). Contact us about parking enforcement

Wealden residents should contact Sussex Police or telephone 101.

Access protection markings (APMs)

Residents can apply for a white line, known as an APM, to be painted in front of their drive. These are advisory lines only and not legally enforceable, but they can help deter inconsiderate parking. An APM is not required for CEOs to enforce a dropped kerb.

Apply online for an APM

If you prefer to use a hard copy of an application form, please contact the: parking services customer service team

Vehicle obstructions on the highway

Sussex Police may remove vehicles that are causing an obstruction or danger to the highway. To report a vehicle that is causing an obstruction please contact Sussex Police or phone 101.

The police can only take action if the vehicle is parked in a way that prevents another vehicle or a pedestrian from being able to pass.

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