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Body Worn Video Cameras

From 7 June 2024, Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will wear cameras while carrying out their role. 

This is to support the health and safety of officers. It can support prosecutions against anyone who is violent or abusive to our officers. 

A picture of a body worn video camera

How the cameras work

The cameras record video and audio and will be attached to the CEOs chest. 

The officer only begins recording if they feel they are in a situation where it will help with their safety. The CEO will announce that they are going to start recording. They press a button to start and stop recording.

All footage will be encrypted and stored securely. CEOs are not able to view or edit footage. The recordings are kept for 45 days, unless there is a lawful need to keep them longer.

For the full privacy notice please see NSL and Marston Holdings website.