Library regulations

1.     General

1.1. In addition to these regulations, there are a number of Byelaws in force relating to the use of the library. Users of the library should be familiar with these Byelaws, a copy of which is on display. 

1.2. The regulations are concerned with the borrowing of books and other materials from the library, referred to throughout as “library property” ; see section 5 below for regulations covering materials for which a borrowing fee is charged. 

1.3. Your membership may be suspended or cancelled if you fail to comply with these regulations. 

2.     Membership

2.1. Anyone can borrow books from the library by joining as a registered member, this service is free. A charge or fee is imposed for borrowing other materials, and this is explained more fully in section 5, but the same general principles of membership and borrowing cover all library property. 

2.2. Anyone who is sixteen years of age or over can join the library by providing proof of identity and address. 

2.3. Anyone under sixteen years of age can join the library but will need a sponsor. This sponsor will usually be a parent but may be any registered adult member of the library. 

2.4. Any visitor to the area can be given temporary membership by providing a valid library ticket issued by another library authority or reliable proof of their identity and address. 

3.     Borrowers’ tickets

3.1. When you become a member you will be given a ticket which will enable you to borrow library property. There will be a limit to the number of items that you can borrow at any one time. You will be informed of this limit when you join. 

3.2. You should notify the library of any change of name and/or address. 

3.3. If you lose your ticket the loss should be reported to the library as soon as possible. 

3.4. You will be responsible for items borrowed on your ticket until the loss has been reported. 

3.5. A charge may be made for replacing a lost ticket. 

4.     Borrowing books and other library property

4.1. You should bring your ticket with you when you want to borrow items from the library. If you do forget your ticket, you may be able to borrow if you can prove your identity and address again, but you may be refused permission to borrow on that occasion if you cannot do so. 

4.2. Books and other materials can normally be borrowed for three weeks at a time. Some items can only be borrowed for one week, you will be advised of the loan period at the time of borrowing if it varies from three weeks. You can extend the loan of any item for a further period except for DVDs and children’s 7-day loan national curriculum books, unless it is wanted by another customer. Renewals can be made online, by telephone, by post or by a personal call; we require every fourth renewal to be made in person, presenting the item to be renewed. Please note that where a fee is charged to borrow an item, this fee will also be charged for a renewed loan.

4.3. If you keep any item for longer then the normal borrowing period, or after the end of an extension period following renewing the loan, then an overdue charge will be made. You will be advised by letter after items become overdue, failure to return items when so notified may result in an agency being instructed to recover both library property and associated charges. 

4.4. These charges do not apply to children’s books borrowed on children’s tickets. Children will be notified when books have been kept after the normal borrowing period and will be charged the cost of this notification. Normal overdue charges will apply when children’s items are borrowed on an adult ticket, and where children borrow items for which a fee is charged. 

4.5. If you discover that a book or other item of library property you have borrowed is damaged, you should report this to the library, otherwise you may be held responsible for that damage. You may be charged for the replacement of any item damaged or lost while on loan to you. 

4.6. Charges may be reduced or waived in extenuating circumstances but failure to pay any charges may be treated as a debt recoverable at law and may be pursued accordingly. 

4.7. A charge will be made for reading group and inter-library loan reservations, with the fee payable in advance.

4.8. Details of all current charges are displayed in libraries.

4.9. Reference books are not normally available for loan. 

5.     Borrowing material for which a charge is made

5.1. Except where stated below, the regulations in sections 1 to 4 above apply. 

5.2. There are several categories of material available to be borrowed for which a charge is made, including audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, playsets and sets of music scores. 

5.3. Where items requiring mechanical equipment for them to be played or used are borrowed, it is the responsibility of the borrower to maintain their playback equipment in good condition in order not to damage the borrowed material. The County Council accepts no liability for any damage caused to such playback equipment. 

5.4. The rate of charges currently in force is displayed in all lending libraries. 

5.5. Exemptions and concessions from charges apply in some circumstances; please ask a member of staff for details.

5.6. Recordings in any format may only be borrowed on the understanding that the borrower will comply with the law on copyright and public performance. 

5.7. Where an item, for which a borrowing fee is charged, is renewed, the renewal will require the payment of a further borrowing fee. 

5.8. As with books, you will be responsible for any items or recordings that are lost or damaged while on loan to you. If you lose or damage an item so that, in the opinion of a library officer, it is no longer usable, you will be charged the replacement cost. If the lost or damaged item is part of a set and cannot be replaced singly, you may be charged the cost of replacing the complete set.