Chailey Commons Grazing


Chailey Common is currently being grazed. Details are provided below.

Exmoor pony

Livestock are used to graze Chailey Common to maintain it as open heathland.

Dog Owners please keep dogs under control so they don’t chase or worry the livestock.
Dog fouling is still an issue and Neospora is a parasite that causes cattle to abort calves. Please clean up after dogs and don’t allow them into the cattle troughs, this water is for drinking only.

Please do not approach or feed the livestock. Enjoy from a distance.

In case of emergency phone: 07710 031820

Cattle will be grazing on the commons from Spring until late Autumn for a few weeks in rotation.

  • Lane End Common - no cattle grazing
  • Red House Common - Exmoor ponies currently grazing
  • Memorial, Pound and Romany Ridge Commons -  cattle currently grazing
Grazing cattle

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