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Representations on Planning Applications

In our role as the Lead Local Flood Authority, (LLFA), the County Council submits representations on a vast number of planning applications every year. It is for the relevant Local Planning Authority to consider the representations we make in coming to a decision on the planning applications. The representations we make can be viewed through the relevant planning application files on the following Local Planning Authority websites:

Comments from Third Parties on Flood Risk Matters Relating to Planning Applications

We are aware that development proposals, particularly those of a significant size, can often give rise to flood risk and drainage related concerns from members of the public and community groups and organisations. Should you have such concerns then you will need to put these to the relevant Planning Authority during the consultation stage of the planning application. It may be the case that the County Council, as the LLFA, provides comments on such applications that differ from your own views. In this regard, it is important to note that the County Council has to consider and appraise the development proposal in an objective manner, having regard to robust evidence and relevant planning policies, which includes the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework.

With the above in mind, should an individual or organisation wish to challenge the advice we have provided on a planning application then they will need to do so through the relevant Planning Authority. It will then be for the planning authority to decide whether they wish to seek further clarity or advice or reconsideration of position from the County Council. Ultimately it needs to be the planning authority who are content with the advice we are providing as they will be making the decision on the application in question.

It is recognised that very occasionally, a third party (i.e. member of public, town or parish council, etc.) may identify a factual error in either the flood risk evidence that supports the application and or our response to the application. Should this be the case then please contact the County Council highlighting what this factual error is. In turn, we will review our representation, amend it where necessary and maintain a close dialogue with the relevant planning authority and applicant, if necessary. We will respond to the individual or organisation that have highlighted the error to explain what course of action we have taken.

Any correspondence we receive that expresses concerns over flood risk matters, within the context of a planning application, will be sent to the relevant planning authority for their consideration in the determination of the application. In such cases we will acknowledge the correspondence and explain who we have passed it onto and how it will be considered. If you have concerns over sharing of the correspondence between the Local Authorities, please take a look at our privacy notice

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