Free transport to mainstream schools

3. Continuing transport in September

Where and when we send new passes

We send:

  • Freedom Passes to your home address in August.
  • coach permits to schools and colleges towards the end of term in July. If we need to tell you about a change we sent it to your home address.
  • Rail season ticket information to your home address.

Metrobus and Brighton & Hove Buses Key cards are still valid and are topped up as long as you qualify. If you have lost or damaged your bus pass you will need to apply for a replacement Brighton & Hove key card or Metrobus key card.

Collecting coach passes from schools

Schools and colleges may ask students to collect their coach passes before the summer holidays. Others will hold them until children return in September. You should check with your school.

Our operators allow students to travel with their old passes for the first week in September until they get their new pass.

Change of circumstances

If you move address or your child changes school you need to tell Admissions and Transport. We will check you still qualify.

Low income assessments

We review low income every year by the end of the school year. Contact Admissions and Transport if you didn’t get a letter.

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