Living and teaching in East Sussex

East Sussex is a great place to develop your teaching career. With comprehensive support and training, you can make more of a difference in the classroom and beyond.

Teaching here

You can teach in a wide variety of locations from small primary schools in beautiful rural areas to large urban secondaries.

Supporting your professional growth and development

East Sussex has a strong school-led improvement system where collaborative working is a strength of the local landscape.

Through strong partnerships with local, regional and national partners East Sussex provides comprehensive support for teachers’ professional development at all stages of their career, from initial teacher training, through Early Career Framework and into leadership roles.

We support a range of career pathways that encourage teachers and leaders at all levels to engage in roles that draw on and develop their expertise further. This may be through school leadership or wider system leadership roles.

Find out more about system leadership in our video:

- Where can a career in teaching take you?

Watch on YouTube: "Where can a career in teaching take you?"

Living here

East Sussex is a great place to live and work.

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