Continuing transport in September

How to continue receiving transport

If your child qualifies for free transport and currently travels by public transport or by coach with a travel pass, then:

  1. We will email you to request a photo for continued travel.
  2. The email will explain what you need to do to register for transport and who to contact if you aren't able to register online.
  3. Most emails will be sent from July onwards.
  4. The email for low income families will be sent in early August due to the cut-off deadline for applications in July.
  5. If you have not received an email, please see Queries about your transport and ensure you provide all requested details.

If your child is not currently receiving a travel pass for travel on public transport or coach, we will often continue the existing arrangements. We will try to contact you if there is any change but you should always let us know if anything has changed.

Where and when we send new passes

We will send the following to your home address during August:

  • Freedom Passes for travel on buses in East Sussex
  • Travel permits for our hired coaches

These will be sent to the home address we ask you to confirm online.

Rail key cards can continue to be used, but you will need to sign up again and provide a photo using the link sent in the email. New cards will only be posted:

  • if you request a replacement for a lost/damaged one
  • if your child turns 16 and needs an adult card

Please see Timetable and ticket information for our timetables.

Change of circumstances

If you move address or your child changes school you need to tell Admissions and Transport Team. We will check you still qualify.

Low income assessments

We review these at the end of the school year and send new passes during the summer holidays. If a child is no longer entitled, we will give the reason in writing unless we were not notified of a change of school or address.

Contact the Admissions and Transport Team if you did not get a letter about reapplying and your circumstances have not changed.

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