If you need to leave for a short time

You may need to spend time away from your host's home for many reasons. Before you leave, please talk to your host about your plans and how long you will be away. If you can, you should let your host know when you plan to return before you travel. If you aren't sure, you should tell them as soon as you know.

Your host might ask you to leave things tidy so that they can use your room if needed. They may also have other reasonable requests. It is a good idea to share contact details with your host, so you can remain in touch while you are away.

Universal Credit

If you go abroad, you can still get Universal Credit for up to 1 month. You must:

  • be eligible for Universal Credit before you go

  • remain eligible for Universal Credit while you’re abroad

  • tell your work coach that you’re going and let them know when you are back

If you have children

Once in the UK, you should not leave your child in the care of a host (or an adult relative):

  • for 28 days or longer

  • for less than 28 days on a regular basis

If you have no choice but to leave your child in the care of a host, you must take certain steps. Before you leave your child or children you must have:

  • agreed how long the host will be looking after your children

  • the consent of the host

  • told the council and given the council written consent.
    Use the UK hosting arrangement consent form to do this

  • waited for the council to do their required safeguarding checks