Continuing sponsorship or finding a new host

Continuing after 6 months

Many hosts can continue their arrangement for longer than 6 months. We ask you to do this if possible. Many Ukrainians will not be ready to move on after 6 months and a severe shortage of housing makes it much harder.

You can claim monthly 'thank you' payments for up to 3 years if you continue to host. 

We understand that not everyone can continue. If that is the case, please talk to each other to arrange a plan and timescale for moving on.  If you need help, we may be able to signpost or refer you to services who can advise. Please email us:

Finding a new host

If hosts can no longer continue, it may be possible to find a new host.

You can try to find a new host through:

  • someone that you already know

  • local groups within the community or

  • local organisations

If you are not sure who can help, email us:

There is advice on GOV.UK on how to find a new host:

They have also published a list of organisations who can help guests find a new host: Organisations who can help guests from Ukraine find sponsors in the UK - GOV.UK.  

It is important to contact them as soon as possible, to give the best chance of finding a suitable new host.

If you do find a new host please let us know before you move.  We can only support new arrangements once we have done some important checks.