NHS app


National lockdown: Stay at Home rules now apply in East Sussex.

We will update our service pages when government release the full details.

COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection

If you’re a resident

The more people download and use the app, the more effective it will be. It’s the quickest way of alerting people if they are at risk, and protecting our loved ones and communities.

You can find details about how to download and use the app on the NHS website.

Action needed by businesses and venues

The NHS app can help trace and restrict the spread of coronavirus in our communities.

Businesses and venues must print and display a poster with a scannable QR code issued by the government. This will allow anyone with the app to scan the poster on their mobile phone as they enter the premises to record their contact details.

They can then be contacted with health advice by the NHS if they have been close to someone with the virus.

Which places and businesses legally need to do this?

It is a legal requirement to display the QR Codes. Places expected to keep a contact log of visitors include:

  • hospitality venues (including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes)
  • amusement arcades, attractions, libraries and museums
  • close physical contact services (such as hairdressers, barbers, nail bars)
  • Services provided in community centres and village halls.

It’s simple for a businesses to print their own posters including an automatically generated QR code. There is further information available online to support:

A full guide to producing your own poster
A video showing how the public app will work