Daily Confirmed Cases - East Sussex


New local restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus will come into effect from next Wednesday (December 2).

The government has announced that East Sussex will be in Tier 2. This is for areas with a higher or rapidly rising level of infections, and some additional restrictions will need to be in place. For a full breakdown, see: GOV.UK – Local restriction tiers.

The following chart shows daily confirmed cases by the date the test was taken up to 17 November 2020 (as at 18 November 2020). The line in the chart shows the 7-day rolling average which smooths out the daily variation.

There is a lag in reporting of confirmed cases, and so data in the most recent periods is likely to change.

East Sussex County confirmed cases by specimen date

East Sussex saw a big reduction in cases from April and early May, which was the first wave of the pandemic, with low numbers throughout June, July and August.

As cases started rising nationally at the beginning of September, East Sussex saw a similar pattern of rising cases albeit at a smaller rate. Although cases continued rising nationally, the trend then initially reversed in East Sussex (which coincided with limited national testing capacity), before again increasing. The general trend throughout the end of September and October is of increasing cases with the highest number of cases in a single day being the 13 November (108) since wider testing commenced in the middle of May. November has seen the sharpest increase in cases so far.