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Money, debt and mental health

Worrying about work and money can have a big impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

Find out where you can get help with money-related issues and support for your mental health.

Money worries

If you have money worries, there are lots of organisations and charities that can give you free advice.

1Space care support and wellbeing directory

East Sussex 1Space is a directory of organisations that offer a range of advice and support. This includes housing, money, legal, benefits and debt advice. Visit: Information and advice - East Sussex 1Space

You can also find lists of local food banks and organisations that offer employment support.

National organisations

National organisations that can help include:

  • Money Helper is an online advice service approved by the government. It provides free, impartial advice on money and debt issues.
  • Mental Health and Money Advice offers practical support on mental health and money.
  • Citizens Advice has a range of information on their website, including information if you’re struggling with living costs.

Find out what benefits you are entitled to

If you are in a crisis, you may be able to apply for help with food and utilities. To find out about Universal Credit and other benefits you may be entitled to, visit: Benefits

Welfare benefits helpline

Welfare benefits helpline offers free, confidential advice about benefits and debt.

Get housing advice

Get advice if you’re homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. You can also get support with housing issues, such as tenancy and mortgage worries. Visit Housing

Keep warm at home

The warm home check service offers advice and support if you are struggling to keep warm at home. Visit Keep warm and well

Children and families

There are services that can help families on low incomes. This includes help childcare costs and holidays, free school meals and transport and more. Visit Money and housing

Help with your mental health

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem each year, so you’re not alone if you’re struggling. Poor mental health can make managing your finances harder. Feeling stressed about money can also make your mental health worse.

Sussex Mental Healthline

If you need support with your mental health, including if it’s urgent or a crisis, contact Sussex Mental Healthline: 0800 0309 500 (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

The helpline is also open to friends and family members, carers and professionals who are concerned about someone else.

For online support in a crisis, visit: Urgent help in a crisis - NHS.

Preventing suicide

If you’re thinking about suicide, or worried about someone you know, visit: Preventing suicide in Sussex 

As well as telling you where to get help and how to help someone else, the site has tips for coping right now. It also offers practical advice that has helped other people who have had suicidal thoughts.

Mental health directory

You can find local services and other support and advice for mental health and wellbeing in our Mental health directory.

It includes a section on money worries and mental health, and a list of low cost or free counselling services.