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Advice for practitioners on domestic abuse

For members of the public, see our Domestic Abuse page.

For those working with families, with concerns that a child might be at risk due to domestic abuse:

Resources for professionals

Change, Grow, Life (CGL) – support those affected by domestic abuse or violence in East Sussex.

Clarion Housing Association: provides safe refuge accommodation. This is for women and children fleeing domestic abuse across East Sussex.

Secure email - referrals.eastsussex@ca.cjsm.net for agencies with a CJSM account

Non-secure - referrals.eastsussex@clarionhg.com (Password protect the referral and then send the password in a separate email).

DASH Risk Checklist: DASH stands for Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence. Agencies use the DASH checklist to proactively identify and manage perpetrators. It helps keep victims and their children safe - DASH Risk Checklist

Statutory guidance

The UK government has developed this document. It advises on the response to domestic abuse. It promotes standards and best practice - Domestic Abuse Statutory Guidance | gov.uk

For health professionals

The following is a publication by the Department for Health. It is aimed at improving the health service response to domestic abuse. See pages 28 to 43 - Responding to Domestic Abuse.pdf | gov.uk

Other professionals

The charity SafeLives has published a range of pdfs aimed at different professions: Resources for other professionals | Safelives

Other advice and support is listed on our Domestic violence page.

The Safer Communities Partnership

The East Sussex Safer Communities Partnership (ESSCP) is the statutory County Strategy Group. It provides the strategic leadership for addressing community safety matters across East Sussex. Their focus is reducing and preventing crime. This includes domestic abuse. They also work to ensure the effective delivery of services on a local level.

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