I'm in care - who can help me?

Asphaleia can help you when…

You need someone to help you have your say:

If you are in care or have an East Sussex social worker, you can get help for free from an advocacy service.

Independent advocates enable you to:

  • have your voice heard

  • have your wishes and feelings taken into account, and

  • provide the tools you need to make an informed decision

Call their freephone number 0800 129 9300 to request an advocate.

You need a buddy:

If you are in care, you can use the Independent Visitor (IV) befriending service for free.

An independent visitor is a trained volunteer. They will get to know you and provide friendship and support. Together, you can try out new activities and sports, take a walk or meet up for a chat on a regular basis.

Your social worker can refer you to the programme or you can refer yourself.

Email: ESCCIVservice@asphaleia.co.uk

Contact Asphaleia:

For general and referral enquiries:

The children in care council:

If you’re living away from your family, and you have an East Sussex social worker, contact the:

They can help if you have a question, want to talk or have something to say.

Contact the CICC coordinator, Meshelle Carmody:

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