Money and housing

Emergency help

In an emergency, East Sussex County Council may be able to help you if you are on a low income or receiving certain benefits. See Discretionary East Sussex Support Scheme.

There are several food banks in East Sussex in East Sussex. They provide food and other support to local people in crisis.

The charity StepChange advises on what to do if you are finding it difficult to pay for food and essential bills

Furniture Now! and Hastings and Rother Furniture Service supply low-cost furniture and appliances across East Sussex. They are open for all, with discounts for people on benefits or on a low wage. Please take some evidence of your income.

Benefits advice

Free, confidential advice and support about benefits.

Credit unions are local, community-based organisations to help you with loans and saving. Wave Community Bank and Hastings and Rother Credit Union both serve East Sussex.

Find benefits and grants information that is relevant to you at Turn 2 Us.

Housing and homelessness

Contact the East Sussex Floating Support Service at BHT Sussex for help for:

  • people 16 and over with housing needs and
  • for families to avoid homelessness

Housing advice for young people.

Help for people struggling to keep warm at home.

Advice and services

East Sussex 1Space lists groups that offer help with everything from housing to caring for others. 

Funding help for young carers helps young people under 18-years-old who look after someone at home who can’t look after themselves. This may be due to:

  • a disability
  • mental or physical health condition
  • drug or alcohol issues.

Financial help with learning



Families on a low income may get help with:

Post 16 education

If money worries are making it difficult for you to study, find out about help at the websites of GOV.UK.

Money saving travel schemes

Save money and get bus and rail travel discounts for young people and students.

Help with the cost of holidays

Happy Days Charity and Family Holidays Association help disadvantaged families get that much-needed break away from home.

Money worries and your mental health

Worrying about work and money can have a big impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

See the Mental health and money worries page for help with money-related issues. There is also support for your mental health.