From Eggshells to Allyship

Course details
Contact Adult Social Care Training
Subject Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion 
Target Audience Directly Provided Services/Assessment Care Management
Course description The workshop is designed to advance implementation of the East Sussex Adult Social Care and Health (ASCH) Equality and Inclusion Strategy 2021. It draws on some key concepts to support participants in creating a safe, courageous, inclusive, organisational culture where issues related to diversity can be openly discussed and effectively addressed. 
Training objectives Sharing concepts, strategies and tools to harness the power of diversity so all staff and clients whatever their background, feel welcome, respected and can thrive.  Fostering good relationships between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.  Promoting greater understanding of how to deal with microaggressions and other forms of abuse, marginalisation and exclusion. 
Learning outcomes
  • Individual, interpersonal and organisational reflection which surfaces and explores problematic assumptions, routines and outcomes for staff and clients from minority backgrounds 
  • Understand the following and how they support creation of a courageous, inclusive organisational culture:
  • o White Allyship - Singh, (2020) & Patel (2020)
    o Cultural Wealth - Yosso, T. J. (2005) 
    o Critical Conversations - O’Neill, P., & Maria del Mar Fariñain (2019). 
  • Identify strategies to place diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of all we do.
Additional information There may be some pre-course questions for delegates to respond to and these will be circulated nearer the course time if applicable. 
Maximum places 15
Closing date 3 days prior to course date
Cost £0
Number of sessions 1
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Course code Venue Course dates Time
ASC/23/85 ZOOM 12 January 2023 10:00 - 13:00
ASC/23/86 ZOOM 26 January 2023 10:00 - 13:00
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