Education at Lansdowne

Lansdowne School is based within the Home. It provides full-time education for all residents. This is in line with the local school term dates.

The school provides a safe environment where young people gain confidence to re-engage in learning. They also develop independent learning skills.

Young people focus on developing core functional skills. Where appropriate, they undertake qualifications within a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum is structured into 5 key areas:

  • Core - Maths, English, Science, PSHE
  • The Wider World - Humanities
  • Creative - Art, Music, Dance, Drama
  • Life Skills - ICT, Careers, Food Technology, DT, PE, Horticulture, Animal Care
  • Ready to Learn programme

Built in to all areas of the curriculum are vocational pathways and career development. The school promotes careers and young people have regular access to an independent careers advisor.

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