Lansdowne secure children's home

Education at Lansdowne

Lansdowne School is based within the Home, and provides full-time education for all residents, in line with the local school term dates.

The school provides a safe environment where young people gain confidence to re-engage in learning.

Young people focus on developing core skills so they can study for an age appropriate qualification in the future. The Learning Programme is based around:

  • Core (Functional English and Maths)
  • Creative Learning (Art, Drama…)
  • Vocational Learning (Childcare, DT, Hair and Beauty…)

Individual learning targets are set across the whole curriculum.
Young people leave with a portfolio showing:

  • skills gained
  • development of literacy and numeracy
  • awards to demonstrate learning progress

Lansdowne School operates through a service level agreement between ESCC and the SABDEN Multi Academies Trust.

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