Lansdowne secure children's home

Lansdowne is a local authority run home in East Sussex. It’s modern, purpose-built and physically secure. We provide care for up to seven young people, aged 10 to 17. Our ethos is child-focused and homely.

Each young person has a care plan ensuring support around agreed areas of work, including meeting education and health needs. They are encouraged to take part in individual and group work designed to develop understanding and skills which will equip them once the terms of their secure order are met.

The nurturing environment and skilled staff ensure good outcomes for our residents: they develop positive relationships and feel supported to invest in themselves during their time here.

Lansdowne School is based within the Home, and provides full-time education for all residents, in line with the local school term dates.

The school provides a safe environment where young people gain confidence to re-engage in learning.

Young people focus on developing core skills so they can study for an age appropriate qualification in the future. The Learning Programme is based around:

  • Core (Functional English and Maths)
  • Creative Learning (Art, Drama…)
  • Vocational Learning (Childcare, DT, Hair and Beauty…)

Individual learning targets are set across the whole curriculum.
Young people leave with a portfolio showing:

  • skills gained
  • development of literacy and numeracy
  • awards to demonstrate learning progress

Lansdowne specialises in helping young people who have been, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited and who engage in self-harmful behaviours. Our holistic approach works with them from the point of admission, addressing all their physical and mental health needs. We support them to understand how to make safe and healthy choices.

Our experienced staff work with the health team, made up of:

  • in-house psychologists
  • Looked After Children nurse
  • the Substance Misuse Service
  • local psychiatrists
  • additional specialist services when needed

Telephone: 01323 466 270