Contact us about fostering in East Sussex

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Contact us about fostering

Could you offer a home to a child or young person who needs one? Please get in touch with our Fostering Team:

Read more about fostering, including the different types of fostering and the application process.

Contact us about supported lodgings

Supported Lodgings are a type of fostering for young people (usually 16-21) who may currently be homeless or living in care. If you're interested in helping them gain some independence and life skills, please contact our Supported Lodgings team:

Read more about becoming a supported lodgings provider.

Meet us online or in person

We hold regular online virtual events and 'Vinnie the Van' information days at locations around East Sussex. Find out how to join one of our information events.

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Our Statement of Purpose was updated January 2023. This sets out the aims and objectives of East Sussex County Council Fostering Service. This document is made available, upon request, to carers and prospective carers, any child placed by the service, the parent of any child looked after and staff.  Requests by email to: 

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