Weekly pay for foster carers

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Foster carers receive a weekly maintenance allowance to cover the day-to-day expenses of caring for each child.

We will also pay you a professional fostering fee which reflects the needs of the young person.  These payments are made per child, per week.

Fostering Maintenance Allowance and Professional Fee
Age Weekly payments total
0 to 4 years £403 to £563
5 to 10 years £428 to £588
11 to 15 years £458 to £618
16+ years £498 to £658
Parent and child fostering £1,221 (based on 1 parent and 1 child together)

Additional payments

There are additional payments for festivals like Christmas, birthdays, mileage or day care. Please get in touch for more information regarding any payments which may be available for our foster carers.

Tax, national insurance and benefits

It's important that you understand what fostering will mean for your finances, now and in the future.  As a foster carer you may be entitled to claim benefits and tax credits.  Foster carers are self-employed and as such, you need to be aware of government requirements for tax and national insurance contributions.

There is a whole range of information to help.  As an approved foster carer for ESCC, you will become a member of The Fostering Network who have lots of free resources to help you with advice and information and you can also refer to GOV.UK

When you foster with ESCC we provide you with a bespoke calculator tool which you can use to help work out your Qualifying Care Relief (a special tax threshold specifically for foster carers).  Each year we provide you with all the annual figures you will need to submit in your tax return too.

Some useful links:

- Rewards come in different shapes and sizes. Fostering moments and memories, big and small, matter and are often immeasurable.

Watch on YouTube: "Rewards come in different shapes and sizes. Fostering moments and memories, big and small, matter and are often immeasurable."

One of our foster carers (above) explains the moment when a new child in their care began to trust them, just a little. When you realise you've made a connection, the feeling is immeasurable.

Most people don't foster for the money, there are so many rewards for you and your family, but we appreciate you probably can't foster without it. Please don't feel any awkwardness about asking for information about the allowances and fees you receive when you foster. Our team is happy to explain anything you need more information about.  

Transferring to East Sussex County Council Fostering Service

You can still transfer with a child already in placement, even if they are placed with you by another local authority. We will guarantee that you continue with the same rate of payment for the duration of that placement. We can discuss payment for experienced and transferring foster carers in more detail when you contact us.

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