Creative, Cultural, Digital and Media Task Group minutes: 12 September 2023

Creative, Cultural, Digital and Media Task Group minutes: 12 September 2023

Meeting details






Kim Byford

Co-Chair, De La Warr Pavilion, Talent Accelerator Project Lead


Sally Staples

Co-Chair, ESCC, Cultural Strategy Manager


Kim Bulgin

ESCC, Culture and Tourism Project Co-ordinator


Ellen Cuerva

East Sussex College Group, ESIF Project Manager


Daniel Devitt

Health Improvement Specialist, Public Health


Ruth Francis

ESCC, Effective Transitions Fund Project Manager


Carrie Hall

Marketing Executive, Switchplane


Jane Hurt

Employer Adviser, DWP


Katie Parris

East Sussex College Group, Account Manager



Holly Aquilina

ESCC, Employability and Skills Strategy Manager


Hannah Brookshaw

ESCC, Partnerships and Projects Manager


Laura Collier

ESCC, Senior Business Administrator



Sarah Cronk



George Hedges



Sarah Hinks

Culture Shift


Lucy Perry



Teresa Salami-Oru

ESCC Public Health, Consultant




Merinda Owusu

Infosys, Springboard

Actions arising from this meeting





CH to send further information about Digifest to this group.


Before 22 September 2023

CH to provide feedback from Digifest at the next meeting.


Next meeting

MO to liaise with HB to get contact details for next steps for Springboard project.


By end of September

EC to consider drafting an advert about recruitment of people to teach adult courses.



1. Welcome (new members)

Introductions were made and apologies noted.

2. Election of new Co-Chair

Kim Byford was elected as new Co-Chair.

3. Review of Previous Minutes & Actions

Minutes agreed. All previous actions are complete.

4. a) Turner Prize/Eastbourne

SS gave a presentation on the Turner Prize, which is coming to Eastbourne this winter in connection with the centenary year for Towner.

This year’s shortlisted artists focus on identity and community spirit.

Benefits for Eastbourne

  • Increased Footfall
  • National and International media attention
  • Shifting Perceptions
  • Highlighting the local Creative Sector

Turner Prize opens 28 September 2023 and runs until 14 April 2023, estimate this will generate an extra 2/300,000 visitors to the town, as well as national and international marketing and visibility.

Funding has been secured for the Eastbourne ALIVE programme, a partnership with local delivery partners designed to support the Turner Prize and capitalise its impact for Eastbourne, includes public art and marketing/promoting initiatives.

KBu has been linking the Talent Accelerator programme to this, acting in a coordinating role between businesses and work experience opportunities. With the careers hub complementing this through open doors, industry champions etc.

Year 9 gallery visits to Towner will take place on Mondays during the Turner Prize.

DD highlighted the significant contribution that cultural, creative tourism has on local communities - positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. If communities can be supported to take up the creative offers available, increasing skills will be being addressed. There is a budget available for an aligned evaluation alongside the Turner evaluation which will look at the impact of young people’s experience of the Turner wraparound events. The aim is to make Eastbourne a sustainable community and creative hub long after the Turner Prize. DD will present at a future meeting on some of the specific inputs as this evolves.

b) Talent Accelerator

Talent Accelerator is one of the Eastbourne ALIVE partners, and will be coordinating work experience places throughout, as well as ‘selling’ the wider careers hub offer. Target of 100 placements during the Turner Prize period. KBy is working with EC to link creative businesses with young people who need placements.

It is expected that all Year 9 pupils in Eastbourne will have received a visit to Towner as part of the Turner experience.

There should be legacy training to cultural organisations and businesses around how to get young people involved in what they do and how to be ready for work experience.

KBy was praised for the fantastic work she has done on this project.

The question now is how to take forward the work that KBy has started. An evaluation piece, funded via Public Health is being completed on the first year’s work, identifying any gaps. A creative venue apprenticeship is being done in East Sussex but needs a greater push to get organisations on board. Raising aspirations in schools will continue but this is one of the easiest elements. More joined-up thinking is needed about how to implement the local skills improvement plan.

It was suggested that after the year one evaluation, local creative venues be invited to attend the next East Sussex Skills meeting. It would be good to get some of the larger East Sussex businesses on board (e.g., Glyndebourne, De La Warr Pavilion).

The extension of the Music Hub is also an opportunity to align with the skills improvement plan.

5. Digifest – 22nd September 2023

CH reported that Chalk Eastbourne was set up in 2020 in response to recruitment difficulties and to raise the profile of Eastbourne as a great digital hub. Chalk is running the Digifest conference on 22 September at the Welcome building in Eastbourne, delayed to 2023 due to covid. The day will include keynote speakers, panel sessions, exhibition and specialist skills sessions. Entry is £20 (free for limited number of students). Over 200 bookings have been made already but further publicity would be appreciated.

CH to provide feedback from the event to this group.

ACTION 1: CH to send further information about Digifest to this group, to be shared more widely.

ACTION 2: CH to provide feedback from Digifest at the next meeting.

6. Springboard launch and consultation.

MO gave a presentation on the Springboard online learning platform, which is currently in the development phase, being delivered as part of social value contractual arrangements. The platform has been set up as a free resource to support SMEs and aims to be accessible for all - over 10,000 courses will be available from next week.

Learning split into three areas – inception (beginner), inspire (intermediate) and insignia (expert) across technical/sector specific skills and soft skills, through a blended learning approach (videos, quizzes, factual info).

Feedback is critical to Springboard’s development. It was suggested that local schools could be consulted about shaping content. Conversations between the Careers Hub and local schools is encouraged with a view to having a pilot school that has the ability to create Springboard content. Wendy Gorham can provide school contacts for this.

DD asked about routes to address digital inclusion.

MO requested feedback from organisations already working in these areas that can be passed to the development team to ensure digital inclusion is addressed appropriately.

HA fed back that it will be interesting to see what resources are on Springboard and how her team can work with MO to build on that to provide resources for young people and returners. There are lots of task groups and sectors that can be involved.

Short courses are useful as people often don’t have much time for training.

In terms of quality assurance of the courses MO explained that there is stringent selection process to ensure a positive relationship from the outset.

ACTION 3: MO to contact HB to get contact details for the next steps.

7. Creative careers Week

Discover! Creative Careers Week takes place between 13 and 17 November 2023, annual national programme. This is an opportunity to get young people excited about a particular sector and make them aware of opportunities after school. Employers offer an experience in their workplace or go into schools/colleges. There is a national registration process, however it would be helpful to let Henry Clayson know of any opportunities you offer. Employers need to register their interest by 6 October and will also receive a toolkit. It would be helpful to contact  Henry Clayson so that any open doors workplace tours are coordinated.

8. AOB/Date of Next Meeting

DD reported that East Sussex’s Public Health position paper for a creative health programme should be shareable by the end of September/early October.

EC reported that a festival of learning for older learners is running this week and EC will share an update at the next meeting. ESCG is always looking for people who want to teach adult courses, applications are always welcome. EC to look into drafting an advert about this which can be shared county-wide.

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 6 December. Items for the next agenda are welcome.

ACTION 4: EC to consider drafting an advert about recruitment of people to teach adult courses.