Developers East Sussex (DES) terms of reference

About these terms of reference

  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: 27 September 2016

About Developers East Sussex

Developers East Sussex (DES) is a group of organisations actively involved with the delivery of quality sustainable development in East Sussex.

DES aims to represent all developers in East Sussex: commercial and residential, large and small, private companies, housing associations, public bodies and owners, planners, construction companies and so forth.

DES is readily accepted as a respected and proactive body, providing advice, direction and solutions to Team East Sussex (TES), East Sussex County Council, the boroughs and districts, the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), government and associated bodies.

DES is committed to making a difference and is passionate about the East Sussex growth agenda. In conjunction with the other related groups across East Sussex our aim is to encourage effective working relationships and trust between the private and public sectors to bring about deliverable, high-quality and sustainable development, a functional property market, and growth in jobs and housing.

DES works to address strategic issues affecting East Sussex, engaging with major public sector organisations such as the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Highways England, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

Benefits of being a member

The benefits to being a member of DES are:

  • An effective communication channel between the private and public sectors, aiming to remove barriers to growth and bring about deliverable development and a vibrant property market.
  • The opportunity for the private and public sectors to work in partnership to deliver future prosperity for East Sussex.
  • Access to senior officers and councillors at East Sussex County Council, and access to the East Sussex Planning Officers Group, East Sussex Housing Officers Group and SELEP, all promoting collaborative working to have a positive influence.
  • Members have the opportunity to discuss strategic issues and engage face-to-face at a senior level with major public and private sector organisations such as East Sussex County Council, the Highways and Environment Agencies, SELEP and those private sector organisations involved in the development process, particularly utilities companies.

Regular meetings providing an excellent opportunity for:

  • networking
  • presentations (such as on the growth agenda, infrastructure, strategic improvements and so forth)
  • finding solutions to the strategic problems faced by developers
  • responding to consultations as a group
  • discussing issues on planning, the environment, sustainability and design
  • as well as learning from other developers’ experiences
  • and exchanging useful contacts.