After you've created a petition

Add supporting information

If you need to add information after publication, let us know and we may be able to do this for you.

However, changing the title or description of a petition is not allowed once it’s been published and people have begun to sign it.

Help and support

Contact the Democratic Services team through our group email address:


As with paper petitions, you are responsible for publicising your own petition.

You could also create flyers and posters, and leave copies with sympathetic business owners or other organisations.

If you want a simple link to add to your printed publicity, you could use a shortening service or create a QR code:

  • Bitly – enter any link and click ‘shorten’ to create an alternative short version.
  • Qrstuff – enter a link to create a picture version called a QR code. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the code and their phone will open the web page you set it to.

Submitting your petition to the council

You’ll need to decide when you’ve collected enough signatures, and whether you want to go ahead and submit them to the relevant council for consideration.

Regardless of the number of signatures, once your closing date is reached, you must decide whether to submit it to the council or whether to extend the deadline. If you do nothing the petition will be closed.

Petitions with less than ten signatures are simply archived without being circulated within an authority.