East Sussex Together – how you are coping with coronavirus

During June 2020, we asked residents of East Sussex how they are coping with the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We wanted to know how the virus is affecting your life. We’d also asked what you think are the most important things we should concentrate on to help the recovery of our communities in East Sussex.

We will share the survey results here, and use them to help guide our planning and services as we help East Sussex to rebuild for the future.

Your privacy

The survey did not require any personal information. It was conducted on behalf of East Sussex County by Novoville.com and you can find their privacy policy online. East Sussex County Council will not publish or otherwise share any individual responses. They will be aggregated to present a collective picture of attitudes and opinions among respondents.

The survey asked respondents if they’d like to be kept updated on this topic from East Sussex County Council by email. This is entirely voluntary and users can unsubscribe for emails at any time. See our privacy policy for email newsletters.