Council land and building strategies

To achieve our goals we want to use all our resources as effectively and efficiently as possible and this includes our land and buildings. The Council has adopted a new strategic asset plan which comprises 3 separate parts as follows:

  • an asset management policy
  • an asset management strategy
  • an asset management action plan


East Sussex County Council Strategic Asset Plan 2020–25

East Sussex County Council’s property policies pack (A-H) [3.0 MB] [pdf]

A Acquisitions Policy 2016 [94.8 KB] [pdf]

B Lease Rent Policy 2016 [119.5 KB] [pdf]

C Property Risk Compliance Policy 2016 [77.6 KB] [pdf]

D Building Maintenance Policy 2016 [134.7 KB] [pdf]

E Sustainable Building Policy 2016 [2.1 MB] [pdf]

F Disposal Policy 2016 [143.1 KB] [pdf]

G Asset transfer Policy 2016 [208.7 KB] [pdf]

H Carbon Management Strategy 2016 [218.7 KB] [pdf]