Orbis Partnership

Orbis is a public sector partnership between East Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council, and Brighton & Hove City Council. We provide ‘back office’ or business support services for each of the councils, and for various groups of external customers. 

What does Orbis do?

We aim to deliver resilient, high quality and efficient business services for our three councils, our residents and customers. We do this by generating efficiencies through sharing resources, people and technology. Ultimately, we provide an alternative to outsourcing – keeping public money and jobs in the public sector. This helps to ensure our services are delivered by people who know how the public sector works, know the business of the public sector, and are motivated by a public service ethos. Understanding and promoting social value is therefore core to our purpose.

Why was Orbis created?

In order to:

  • drive efficiencies through increased standardisation and removal of duplication
  • pool resources, expertise and knowledge to identify the best approach to meet the need of our customers
  • create greater operational resilience
  • deliver greater value for money by placing customers at the heart of everything that we do
  • improve accessibility of services to the customer through a self-serve approach.

Orbis Public Law

Orbis Public Law is a separate partnership of legal services provided by Brighton & Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council and West Sussex County Council. Read about Orbis Public Law.